RIGOL Digital Oscilloscopes

Providing Unmatched Customer Value

From basic visualization to advanced analysis tools, RIGOL delivers uncompromised Oscilloscope solutions for today's engineers.

Whether you are a home hobbyist, an educator, an IoT developer, or are debugging an advanced embedded design, RIGOL has an oscilloscope that will delight you with a rich feature set, exceptional performance, and an unprecedented price.

Customers with advanced performance and analysis needs will appreciate the power, flexibility, and ease of use of our new UltraVision II Family of Oscilloscopes

Customers who need reliable basic visualization and debug tools at unprecedented pricing will appreciate the value of our legacy UltraVision Family of Oscilloscopes

Family of Oscilloscopes

The World's Most Powerful and Affordable Bench Oscilloscopes

Phoenix Chipset
All models are powered by RIGOL's proprietary Phoenix Chipset and performance HW architecture
High Sample Rate
Category leading sample rates up to 10GSa/sec deliver high resolution capture
Deep Memory
Record lengths as deep as 500M allow for long uncompromised high resolution captures
Useful Long Memory
Advanced search and mark, record mode segmented memory, and full record length measurements makes deep memory more useful and powerful
"7 in 1" instrumentation
maximize instrument capability with 7 Instrument Functions: Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, Waveform Generator, Logic Analyzer, Digitial Volmeter, Counter/Totalizer
Advanced Analysis
tools like Zone Trigger, Histogram, Pass/Fail, and Power Analysis speed debug and time to market
Next Gen UI
With Integrated Touch, Buttons and Knobs or remote web control you can interact with your instruments however you choose. Integrated HDMI out provides complete display flexibility

UltraVision II Portfolio

MSO5000 Digital Oscilloscope

  • 70MHz - 350MHz Bandwidth
  • 8 GSa/Sec Max Sample Rate
  • 100M Memory Depth (200M Opt)
  • 9" (1024x600) Touch Display
  • MSO Options
  • Starting at $909

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DS7000 Digital Oscilloscope

  • 100MHz to 500MHz Bandwidth
  • 10GSa/Sec Max Sample Rate
  • 100M Memory Depth (500M Opt)
  • 10.1" (1024x600) Touch Display
  • MSO Options
  • Starting at $2,699

Models & Pricing  Videos & More

MSO8000 Digital Oscilloscope

  • Coming soon for performance applications up to 2 GHz

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Family of Oscilloscopes

Powerful Visualization and Analysis Tools at an Economical Price Provide Unprecedented Customer Value

  • Unmatched price performance from 50MHz to 1GHz
  • Long Record Lengths
  • High Waveform Capture Rates
  • Intensity Graded Color Displays
  • Advanced Analysis Capabilities
    • Serial Decode
    • Advanced Triggering
    • Record Mode
    • Logic Analysis
    • Integrated Function Generators

UltraVision Portfolio

DS1000Z Digital Oscilloscope

  • 50MHz - 100MHz Bandwidth
  • 1 GSa/Sec Max Sample Rate
  • 24M Memory Depth
  • 7" (800x480) Display
  • MSO Options
  • Integrated Generator Options
  • Starting at $375

Models & Pricing

DS2000A Digital Oscilloscope

  • 70MHz to 300MHz Bandwidth
  • 2GSa/Sec Max Sample Rate
  • 56M Memory Depth
  • 8" (800x480) Display
  • MSO Options
  • Integrated Generator Options
  • Starting at $647

Models & Pricing

DS4000 Digital Oscilloscope

  • 100MHz to 500MHz Bandwidth
  • 4GSa/sec Max Sample Rate
  • 140M Memory Depth
  • 9" (800x480) Display
  • MSO Options
  • Starting at $1,899

Models & Pricing

RIGOL Oscilloscope Portfolio
Choose the Scope that's right for you

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Product Series Bandwidth Max Sample Rate Memory Depth Display RIGOL vs. Competition
100MHz to 500MHz
100MPoint (500M opt)
10.1" Touch (1024x600)
70MHz to 350MHz
100MPoint (200M opt)
9" Touch (1024x600)
600MHz to 1GHz
10.1" (800x480)
100MHz to 500MHz
9" (800x480)
70 MHz to 300MHz
8" (800x480)
50MHz to 100MHz
7" (800x480)

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Uncompromised Performance...
Unprecedented Value

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