?Current RIGOL USA Promotions

DS1054Z Price Promotion

The DS1054Z is the world's most popular entry level oscilloscope.? For a limited time you can purchase the DS1054Z for an unbelievable $375.??

offer ends on 3/31/19

RSA3000 Free Real-time Analysis Upgrade

Purchase any RSA3000 Real-time Spectrum Analyzer and receive a free 40MHz Real-time Bandwidth Upgrade (RSA3000-B40) when your register your product.

offer ends on 3/31/19

7000 Series Oscilloscope Free Bundle Promotion

With the purchase of any 7000 Series instrument you are eligible to receive a free DS7000-BND Bundle option when you register your product.? The BND Option enables:

  • Power Analysis
  • All Serial Decode and Analysis Options
  • Waveform Generator (mso models only)

This is a $1,999 Value


offer ends on 3/31/19

2000 Series Oscilloscope Free Bundle Promotion

Purchase any new DS2000A, DS2000E, or MSO2000A instrument and receive a free bundle option.? This bundle option unlocks:

  • Long Record Length
  • Advanced Triggering
  • Serial Decode
  • Record Mode

offer ends on 3/31/19

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